Shimmery Trees With Evergreen Border Punch
Double Tri-Fold Pop Up Card

Shimmery Trees With Evergreen Border Punch

A little extra sparkle is always a good thing! Did you know you can use the White Shimmery Embossing Paste to add texture to card stock? Yep, you can use it to add beautiful sparkle and texture to your cards without using an embossing mask. It's also beautiful as clumps of snow on trees.

Here's a pic of one of the first cards I made.  There are two rows of trees for each color.  The plan card stock is in the back, and the card stock embossed with the Shimmery White Embossing paste is in the front. I was going for an ombre look on the front of this card. (Also, I show you in the video how to line up the card stock in the punch to get a row of trees.)

Evergreen border punch card pink shimmer2

See the sparkle on the first row of trees?

Here's a pic of cards done in blue:

Evergreen border punch card  blues2

Same thing on this card.  The trees in each of the first rows were covered with Shimmery White Embossing paste.

And a black, silver and white version:

Evergreen border punch cards shimmer  black2

This card has silver metallic trees in the background in each row.  

Which colors do you prefer?

Card stock for all cards (landscape or portrait) is 4 1/4 x 11" scored at 5 1/5".

The sentiment piece on the black and silver cards is 5 x 3/4"

See the video tutorial here:

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